Antioxidants in skincare

Antioxidants play a major role in anti-aging but what are they?  Let’s break it down.. “anti” (meaning opposed or against) and “oxidants” (which are reactive molecules that are produced both inside your body and the environment that can react with other cellular molecules in your body such as protein, DNA and lipids. When it does that, it damages molecules and it's what causes disease and inflammation.)  In other words, non-life threatening results of oxidants speed up aging and antioxidants work against this process. 

Free radicals are the unstable atoms that cause oxidation and damage cells which in turn cause aging. They are derived either from normal essential metabolic processes in the human body which just occurs naturally as we age, or from external sources such as exposure to X-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, and industrial chemicals.  Some of these external factors can be avoided but people living in metropolitan areas are at the most risk given the amount of smog and air pollutants they are exposed to.

We are all dealing with varying degrees of exposure; therefore, incorporating topical antioxidants can help fight off free radical damage and keep your skin cells healthy even if it is preventative. These nutrients are easily absorbed by the skin and help stimulate collagen production, which helps improve elasticity and texture. In addition, antioxidants reduce inflammation which allow skin to repair itself and correct visible damage.

Examples of popular and powerful antioxidants are Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Resveratrol, and polyphenols.  There are thousands of polyphenols (resveratrol is one) which are found in fruits, vegetables, green or black tea (also called flavonoids) and other botanicals.  When ingested or applied topically they help improve the skin’s defense (which is why a diet rich in fruits and vegetables preserves overall look and texture of skin); however, skincare products applied topically may include high percentages of active antioxidants which can yield better, more rapid results.  Examples of topical powerful polyphenols are grape seed, pomegranate fruit seed extract, raspberry seed extract, green tea extract, passionfruit seed extract, as well as many others.  If you are looking for your next skincare purchase rich in powerful antioxidants, our Serum 11, Moisturizer 12, and Oil 10 are packed with several in each delivering amazing results!

Written by Allyson Welch

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