Why I started Thyrst Beauty....

In my late 20s I developed adult acne seemingly out of thin air.  Desperate for a solution, after trying product after product to no avail, I finally received the advice of a very seasoned rep, working at one of the beauty counters at my local department store. She educated me on the importance of non-toxic ingredients as well as introduced me to a simple concept that got me thinking. She explained how our skin is like a piece of furniture; you must strip it, sand it, and then re-stain it. Why had I never heard it put so succinctly before? With the beauty industry trying to pawn a zillion skincare products on the customer there is tons of confusing information to sift through. Why did it take 28 years to uncover the solution to beautiful, clear skin was actually very simple?

I immediately became my own guinea pig of sorts - using clean products exclusively. My regime consisted of serums that increased cell turnover which led to brightening and smoothing, gommages that sloughed off dead skin, and moisturizers with ingredients that hydrated and rebalanced my skin.  I saw such a positive transformation that within a year of trial and error my acne was completely gone. I had become engrossed in skincare realizing great ingredients and a simple regimen are all that is necessary for amazing skin- so what if there was a simpler way? After all, I had been using products across all different lines and testing which things I liked best to finally achieve the results I desired. I realized there wasn’t a line that spelled it out simply and concisely as a starting point for stunning skin. Where to begin was so confusing with each line seemingly trying to differentiate themselves amongst the others it was as if they’d lost the plot of the very problems they were meant to solve. Even product names were confusing and the order of which to use them even more so. I was spending so much time thinking about these inadequacies it dawned on me - I was in LOVE with skincare. And so it began…

I saw a need for something basic, short and sweet, non- toxic, very clean, and super effective consisting of less product applications that deliver MORE active ingredients within each product. I wanted to bring my customer a taste of my own experience but in the form of a simplified product line and process. It was a start up in more ways than one - a starting point for all skin types and a start up business born in my studio apartment. Completely self-funded, I had to phase the process based on what I could afford.  After two years of R&D and packaging design, I finally felt like I had something special to bring to the market.

Thyrst Beauty skincare is the solution to the confusion in the market. It's the starting point for all with four clean products and four steps to simply stunning skin. The success of the products speak for themselves. I was fortunate enough to have collaborated with the best chemist in the industry.  

My dream for Thyrst is for it to become even more than a premium skincare line but rather a platform to exemplify how beauty comes in so many forms and that we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways without limits or social constraints.  I am committed to changing the industry norms and the narrative around female beauty standards with our brand because at the end of the day, we should be building each other up not tearing down [which unfortunately is what a lot of social media and advertising for the beauty industry inadvertently does]. "Because beauty begins underneath" is our tagline and is multi layered in terms of significance.  Obviously first and foremost, selfcare and wellness first.  What you put in or on your body is going to result in what you see on the outside. Secondly, we are not defined as beautiful based on what society tells us is "beautiful."  Our worth and value isn't held with such a small piece; the commitment to continuing to grow and work on ourselves, that is true beauty.  

- Allyson Welch

Written by Allyson Welch
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