The beauty industry is a $80 billion dollar industry with endless brands emerging every day.  As consumers, I think we all buy certain items based on a variety of factors.  Skincare isn’t exactly an impulse buy- it definitely requires some coercion and seduction.  Here are some buying factors for beauty and skincare we found by asking several of our key demographics: price/value, reviews, ingredients that help solve a problem, clean ingredients, brand relatability, and special promotions.  

That being said, why is Thyrst Beauty different and why should you buy?  First, I will start by saying that besides the fact that I am partial since it is my brand, I FULLY believe in these products and formulas and use them every day.  But if you don’t know me (well) and can’t put all your faith in my word, here are some factors to help persuade you further. :)

  1. We used cold pressed ingredients that help preserve the efficacy of that particular ingredient.  Similar to juicing, any exposure to heat may not preserve the natural potency of the ingredient (which I consciously wanted to avoid to ensure the products worked really well).
  2. The formulas are science based.  I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about chemistry or skincare which is why I hired a highly acclaimed chemist to do that type of work.  At the time of formulation, I only knew what I wanted the benefits of the products to be- the features all came from science and chemistry. 
  3. All of the active ingredients used in the formulas have been clinically tested and proven in order to ensure the highest efficacy of the products. 
  4. The ingredients are “clean” by Detox Market and Credo standards [which are very strict red lists]; free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and other toxins and only include natural preservatives. 
  5. Liposomes and phospholipids were used in the formulas not only help emulsify the ingredients (blend oil and water) but also to protect and deliver otherwise unstable ingredients (i.e. retinol).  They also help deliver active ingredients better through a “time-release” mechanism which helps prolong the delivery.  In other words, the products end up working for a longer period of time on your skin.  
  6. The entire line is 98% natural, plant based and 100% vegan and cruelty free. The 2% non-plant based ingredients include a powerful arsenal of peptides that work to improve texture and appearance at a very high efficacy.  To put it simply, peptides have a special lock and key like feature, meaning they are designed to perform a special function and their “smart” feature takes them right to the source (i.e. copper peptides smooth fine lines by finding the damaged cell and repairing it).  
  7. Lastly, skincare can be very cumbersome and overwhelming. Confusing jargon makes it difficult to make informed decisions.  Thyrst is designed to be simple and effective.  Our value proposition is better quality, better ingredients, higher efficacy, and less product purchases for the price you pay.  

If you are still not convinced you can email me directly and I will personally send samples for you to try and see for yourself!  The results don’t lie.  Check out the product pages on the website for reviews on what people are saying about our products and their experience!

Written by Allyson Welch
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