When we think of beautiful skin, we often go immediately to topical treatments.  Not to say that topical creams and serums won’t help (obviously, since that is the essence of our brand LOL)  but it is important that we recognize that our skin will not look the way we want- AKA good- unless we pay attention to our health and diet. What we put in our body is ultimately reflected in some way exteriorly.  If we put more intention into our diet and daily routine, as well as listen to our bodies we will feel better and our skin will look better.  Here are a few things to consider when eating for your skin:

Eat Colorfully!  Eat fruits and veggies that are full of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and so much more.  For instance, orange colored produce such as mangos and carrots contain beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin A- this is great for skin and the eyes.

Avoid sugar- at all costs. It’s honestly is like a drug- once your body has a taste our energy levels shoot up and down in a very unstable manner until we get our next “fix”.  This not only feels terrible but consuming too much sugar also damages elastin and collagen in the body [causing wrinkles to accelerate]. Woof!

Detox your liver!  Your liver function is very important to your gut health which has been proven to be linked to your skin. If our liver is not functioning at its optimum level it tends to show up in the form of breakouts, rashes, and overall inflammation. An exhausted liver occurs in all of us as a result of lifestyle.  Heavily overloaded by alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, processed sugar our livers are forced to filter all of this out and, when it can’t, it just sits in our body.  Cleanses are great ways to reset your liver but also doing daily practices like eating lots of fruits and veggies, taking breaks from alcohol and caffeine, and incorporating items like cumin, ginger, beets, garlic, and turmeric really give the liver extra gas to keep going. 

Incorporate foods for optimum circulation.  By adding fruits rich in flavonoids such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries, and grapes, you increase your blood flow and ultimately the body’s natural defense against free radicals [which cause premature aging].

The body expels waste through the digestive tract, but if there is a blockage or an inefficient flow of elimination, then toxic overload may ensue.  Our kidneys, lungs, liver, and skin are eliminative, cleansing organs able to complete their functions more efficiently if there is no backup in the colon.  Eating right is not only the key to health but the key to our youth.  Taking these small steps now could help you avoid pricier and more invasive procedures down the line.  

Written by Allyson Welch

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