I'm sure when you think of Thyrst Beauty, you immediately think women.  And why wouldn’t you? We generally lead with women empowerment and cover topics related to physical and social issues proprietary to women.  Thyrst is for ALL people, ALL skin types, and ALL skin tones- this includes men!

Despite our brand’s understated, yet glam packaging this should not deter men from trying the products.  Generally speaking, men’s skin and facial muscles are typically thicker and their oil production is higher due to increased testosterone levels. Here are a few reasons why men should try Thyrst Beauty:

  1. A simple 4- step process (which is occasionally 3 since you only exfoliate every other morning).  And a little care over time goes a long way in keeping you looking (and feeling) fresh and young.
  2. Serum 11 is infused with tea tree oil and vitamin C to help balance sensitive skin while reducing oiliness. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots, acne and scarring.  Since men’s skin is thicker it may require them to use morning and night for a longer period of time to see maximum results.  Applying the right hydration (Moisturizer 12 and Oil 10) will balance the complexion as well seal in all the benefits. 
  3. Exfoliant 07 could be the heroine for our male friends.  It contains charcoal which helps absorb excess oil, while the shea butter softens the skin.  In addition, sloughing off dead skin, oil, debris, dirt, etc. will help prevent clogged pores [especially after shaving] and will prime the complexion for better absorption of all the great ingredients in the rest of the set. 

Most of the products on the shelf claim “For Men” as a marketing tactic.  Don’t fall for it, the majority of ingredients that work apply to both men and women!

Written by Allyson Welch
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