The essence of good skincare applies to a 4 step process- lift, scrub, hydrate, and protect. Painting over the problem [with makeup] doesn't correct blemishes, enlarged pores, uneven complexion, sun and age spots, etc.  You have to treat your skin like a piece of wood furniture.  Let’s say for instance that you set a wet glass on a wood table and the condensation left a ring.  You cannot just paint over it; you have to strip it, sand it, and then re-stain/ seal it.  Same goes for your skin.  Let’s do a deeper dive.

Lift: This is particularly important for your nighttime routine. You need to apply a serum that lifts dead skin cells and dirt, promotes cell turnover, and enhances exfoliation.  Ingredients that are great for this are vitamin A (retinol), niacinamide, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), certain types of peptides, brightening agents such as tomato extract, and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) such as salicylic acid. This is going to give you a deeper exfoliation with better results when you scrub the next morning.

Scrub: Exfoliation is best for the morning routine. After you have applied some amazing ingredients the night before, your skin is prepped and ready.  You want to use a scrub that is not just a basic cleanser with beads or sand in it; you need specific ingredients that will yield the best results.  Specifically these ingredients include enzymes such as bromelain and papain as well as AHAs.  In addition, you want a scrub that will condition your skin as well.  Turmeric and charcoal are great ingredients for reducing inflammation as well as balancing. Lastly, something that softens and calms the skin such as shea butter soothe your skin after exfoliation and helps to keep it supple.

Hydrate: This is fairly self explanatory but it helps to break it down into two steps.  This is the step where you are putting “nutrients” back into your skin and hydrating it. Right after your AM exfoliation you want to apply ingredients such as vitamin C and tomato extract to brighten as well as vitamin E to help fight against free radicals throughout the day. Next apply a moisturizer that is going to help balance and hydrate the skin. Ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid as well as Silver Ear Mushroom and meadowfoam seed oil add moisture back into the skin.  Chlorella Vulgaris extract helps rejuvenate and revitalize aging skin thanks to its potent regenerative power. It promotes clear skin by reducing sebum and balancing the skin microbiome with its broad prebiotic action. Ingredients such as this which help promote cell renewal while preserving the skin delicate balance really give you the biggest return on investment.

Protect: (We are still in the AM routine here.) Protection is all about the “seal.” The right blend of oils can seal in all the work you just put into your skin.  It lubricates and balances the skin and also protects it from free radicals.  Oils rich in antioxidants such as raspberry and pomegranate work to actively protect and brighten the skin.  Castor oil and grapeseed oils, for example, are also non-comedogenic and are great as a base for oil blends.  Be sure that the base of whatever oil you are using is non-comedogenic otherwise it will cause you to break out. Lastly, apply a sunscreen that will protect your skin from UV damage. 

Your PM routine includes everything above except for the exfoliation.  ALL of Thyrst Beauty products have been formulated with this 4-step process in mind.  Ingredients listed above are also ones that have been included (as well as many more) that help promote the best looking skin without complicating the process and applying, for example, 10 different products morning and night.  It really is very simple to have great skin; it just requires the right combo of ingredients and plan of action.  What are you waiting for- shop now!

Written by Allyson Welch
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