At Thyrst Beauty, we pride ourselves on our clean ingredients list and transparency with our customers. Our formulas were created with a lengthy red list in mind and we wanted to make sure that our ingredients are both good for you and DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE GOING TO DO.  Getting clean [or in other words removing products that give off any toxins or chemicals] is a process and no matter where you are on your journey, there is no time like the present to start learning where you can make smart, easy changes.  The health implications affiliated with toxic chemicals we are exposed every second of every day has long term effects.  Many functional medicine doctors find that there are correlations with disease and sickness due to the overexposure of toxins in our food, water, cleaning solutions, and personal care products.  BUT… not to worry there is hope!  There are a lot of other brands that live by our same mantra and to get you started, we wanted to share some personal care brands we thought might kick start your transition into “going clean.”

#1 Deodorant: Kaia Naturals "The Takesumi Detox" in Black Oak and Bourbon

This product not only smells amazing,but it contains activated charcoal which acts as a natural detoxifier for the body.  This luxury brand contains zero antiperspirant or synthetic fragrances and uses only natural ingredients.  Note: if you are coming off an antiperspirant or other deodorant that may contain toxins, there is a transition period of about 2-4 weeks before your body adjusts odor-wise and sweat level.  

#2 Sunless Tanner: Clean Tan "A Tan With Benefits, Quickie Concentrate"

This product contains plant-based concentrate without dyes,perfumes, parabens, and penetration enhancers and it also helps neutralize the offense odor found in most self-tanners. Who wants to smell like body odor and a burnt waffle?  No thanks. Since it doesn’t stink or leave a residue like regular sunless tanners,you can put it on at night after you shower and head to bed!

#3 Body Lotion: Osea "Anti-Aging Body Balm"

Obviously, if anything has the word anti-aging in it, we are big supporters and we often forget about the other skin on our body besides our face!  This brand is amazing- they use vegan, plant-based and gluten free ingredients with their star ingredient [that is in every product] being organic,bioavailable seaweed blended with pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils. This product contains Coconut Oil and Alaria Seaweed which improve appearance of skin elasticity, while marine peptides and antioxidants firm and revive dullness. Toxin and cruelty free and better yet, they are local Angelinos (just like us)- located in Malibu!

#4 Shampoo/ Conditioner: Reverie "Nude Shampoo/ Conditioner"

It is hard to find a shampoo/conditioner combo that is non-toxic, free of parabens, and sulfates but ALSO really cleans your hair and scalp.  This product contains neroli, sweet almond oil and bourbon vanilla and other organic ingredients which encourage healthy hair growth and nourish both the scalp and tresses. If you have a nut allergy- PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

#5 Toothpaste/ Whitening: Keeko "Super Clean Charcoal Toothpaste" + "Teeth Whitening Pen"

Did we mention how AMAZING charcoal is? It is a natural detoxifier (mentioned above) but it also naturally whitens teeth- who knew?! Fluoride free toothpaste with a minty taste and is paraben and SLS free, vegan and not tested on animals. It also contains sodium bicarbonate which not only whitens but balances acidity levels in the mouth; tea tree and coconut oil are natural antibacterial products that promote healthy teeth and gums; and lastly, Xylitol and Diatomaceous Earth remove plaque and prevent tooth decay.

#6 Lash Glue: Battington "Lash Glue"

It’s a non-toxic lash glue- it’s going on your eye.  No need to say more.

As I said before, going clean is a process and you just have to start making healthy choices where you can, one step at a time.  I think most of our biggest gripes with going clean is “will I be paying money for products that may not work as well?”  The answer is yes and no.  If you trust every Whole Foods brand- then yes that is a possibility.  But this is becoming more and more important to people as research continues to grow.  There has been a huge rise in effective, clean,non-toxic products not only in personal care but all aspects of living. We are in this together and sharing information is the best way help us all do better for ourselves.  Cheers to living a long,happy, healthy, and youthful life!

Written by Allyson Welch

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