We are all busy… and tired….and sometimes we just don’t have time for the full wash, blow out, teasing, curling, full face of makeup, etc.  We need to condense the routine and FOCUS. No one likes to leave the house feeling unprepared or not ready.  And if you’re like me, I will not leave the house until I feel ready which sometimes can set me back from promptly arriving. You have to look your best to help you feel your best.  Here are some tips  to consider that will help save time on your morning routine without sacrificing your appearance.

Wipes Are Your Friends

Sometimes, sleep is just more important.  If the shower is getting the heave hoe that morning on account of time, there are plenty of alternatives for a “European shower”. Feminine wipes are among the most popular for your lower region, but you can also get other natural products like the Goodwipes brand which are for all over use. This will neutralize any odors and balance pH on the skin.

Wash Your Hair Less

If you do have time to get in the shower, consider not washing your hair.  First reason for this suggestion is washing your hair everyday can dry it out especially if you have colored it.  The natural oils in your hair keep it healthy and moisturized and showering every day can work against that process.  I recommend washing your hair every few days as a nice balance.  BUT…Be sure you don’t go too long though because,after too many days, hair products and oil build up can lead to break outs.  

Also, if you are skipping the wash and dealing with bed head or some damp sweat from a workout, you surely will need to hit the dry shampoo.  This is going to help with it looking clean, smelling fresh, and giving your hair some extra body.  Rock it down if you can; messy chic is cute if it looks deliberate.  If it’s too far gone for down- not to worry-try a top knot bun or half knot (just on the top half of your head).  Lastly, you could always throw it in an intentionally messy bun; when in doubt paint it red. If you truly can’t salvage this thing, messy buns can look great with the right makeup.

Makeup Shortcuts

For day to day wear you probably aren’t rocking a heavy eye with a deep lipstick- that would be a bit of an overly bold choice for day today.  Try going with the essentials- tinted moisturizer, concealer, brows, mascara, and gloss.  Especially if your skin is glowing from the right skincare regimen (suggestion Thyrst Beauty 😉), you won’t need a full face if there isn’t time.  If you have lash extensions and/or microblading you are way ahead of the game and will need to do even less.Another trick is to bring your makeup in the car and apply once you arrive to your destination.  Once you’re out the door, you will inevitably spend less time due to less distractions.  

Lay Out Your Outfit The Night Before

Try picking out your outfit and doing any steaming/ironing the night before. If you are anything like me, if I don’t know what I am wearing that morning I could try on everything I own before I settle on something.  Pick out the clothes, shoes,jewelry, etc. beforehand; therefore, you don’t lose any time in the morning trying to figure it out.  Chances are you will sleep better knowing you’re prepared and will also look more put together because it was thought out as opposed to rushed.

A Few Items Every Gal Should Have

*Scrunchies are great for throwing your hair up with a cute accessory but very low maintenance. The satin and the velvet ones look nicer.  Check Urban Outfitters, Free People, or even Amazon for inexpensive but good options.

*Oribe Texturizing Spray is wonderful because it doesn’t leave your hair crunchy, but it does give it body and some dimension.  If you used it the day before and your waves held up enough for just a touch up the next morning, the texturizing spray keeps your mane looking fresh with flowy waves.  

*Keep a nail file, buffer, and cuticle oil in your car.  If you missed the manicure last weekend, this helps your nails look presentable in the interim.  You can even handle this while you are stuck in traffic. 

*Lastly, every girl needs a good compact in their purse.  You don’t even need something fancy,the clean beauty sections of some of the Target or drug store bands are great. Covergirl Clean Matte is an oil free formula that won’t clog pores.  If you need to touch up that quickie makeup sesh you did while rushing out the door that morning, this is your friend.

Written by Allyson Welch

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