The average makeup box typically has quite a few brushes, but it really comes down to a few staples that get you accommodate a variety of styles and the perfect look you are trying to achieve. These five tremendously reliable options will get you through every situation you could ever think of.


1.     MAC 224S Tapered blending Brush

Quality speaks for itself, and you can always trust Mac to deliver a great product – the 224S blending brush is no exception. It is great for blending eyeshadow. Typically we use anywhere from one to four eyeshadows at a particular time.... This brush can work for applying one or all of the different shadows you are using at one time or you can use it to blend them for a finished look. We love love love this brush!!! We recommend not washing it as regularly as your foundation or powder brush (which you absolutely NEED to do for best results); since the brustles are loose, you can really get a "kitchen sink" of eyeshadow stuck in the brush and when you use it continuously you can create a custom color (from your leftover makeup previously). With soft bristles and a surface area that’s big enough to provide swift coverage without being too big to emphasize the smaller details (the crease of the eyes for example) – this is a truly versatile brush that’ll likely serve as your “go to” base layer applier as well as being a reliable option to refine and top off for a finished look.


Main Image - MAC 224S Tapered Blending Brush

2.     Sharp Angle Brush

Sharp angle brushes are an absolute necessity for bringing out the finer details of a well-placed foundation, especially when it comes to bringing out the best in your eyebrows and lining the eyes to perfection. The key here lies in finding a brush (like the Elf Small Angled Brush) that isn’t so hard that it causes pain when applying product around the sensitive eye area, but equally needs to be firm enough to precisely place the product to the desired location such as the eyebrows. Without a precise angle you make get a sloppy brow or it may leave "dust" on your face. Also, stay away from any brush that has a reputation for shedding! The last thing you want is a hair in the eye…

3.     Long Blending Brush

A great long blending brush (like the Sephora 93) is vital to evenly distribute bronzer and highlighter – it can be difficult to find the right blending brush but try consider what this brush is used for in order to determine if it will be sufficient. A long blender should be soft with the bristles loosely packed in order to create “wide” coverage that seamlessly merges with the underlying makeup layers – if it’s too tightly packed or “firm”, you’re going to get clumps of highlighter and bronzer compacted into your base layer. You want to be able to add more if needed not have to remove product due to over application and lack of control in your applicator.


4.     MAC 219S Pencil Brush

 It’s only fair that we reference MAC once again when it comes to providing you with the next must-have brush. If your looking for a pencil brush that allows you to create the perfect “drama” with your eye shadow, the 129S wont let you down. What makes this brush fantastic is the fact that it is small and lightweight, allowing for pinpoint precision and accuracy whilst the bristles are firm enough to allow you to accurately place your product but allowing just enough movement to provide a thicker coverage line. Suggestion: use in the crease or corners of the eye, under the eye, and possibly on the eye line if your looking for a more subtle

Main Image - MAC 219S Pencil Brush

5.     Powder And Blush Brush

What makeup array would be complete without a powder and blush brush? The “right” powder and blusher should be fairly larger and feature loosely packed bristles. This allow you to gather a generous amount of product but has a dusty" application giving you a finished look over your foundation. The Sigma Beauty F10 springs to mind as a great option but you can also get something similar from MAC or Sephora.

Main Image - Sigma Beauty F10 Powder/Blush Brush
Written by Allyson Welch

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