Thyrst is not a 30 day challenge or half committed New Year’s resolution, it’s a lifestyle… 

It’s about setting intentions every day, making nutritional choices, best wellness practices, feeling guiltless for the splurge, making commitments to learn and grow physically and intellectually, surrounding yourself with good company, eating dessert first sometimes, doing what you love, finding the joy, and feeling confident and fabulous.  

How will you quench your Thyrst?


FOUNDER & President
Beauty begins within. We shine when we’re connected to ourselves and the world around us, when we are centered and healthy and happy, when we are living our best lives.

I want to help you shine.

Thyrst Beauty is more than a brand. It’s a vision, a reflection of who I am and what I’ve learned, and a call to action. I want to inspire you to live a fearless life, to chase your dreams and to catch them. I want you to be passionate and creative and confident. I want your soul to catch fire.

No matter where you are in your journey, Thyrst can be a guide for you, reminding you that you are the boss of your life and you can paint your canvas with whatever makes you feel alive—spirituality, design, fashion, food, wellness practices, good health, exercise, routines that make you feel beautiful.

Thyrst is a community, where you can find nourishment, knowledge, and inspiration. Thyrst can help you claim your confidence, live your truth, and find your beauty inside and out.
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